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“Monster” by Walter Dean Myers

Wrong place at the wrong time.  Bang Bang.  Everyone runs, store clerk gasping for air, choking on his own blood.

Now in a courtroom, on the stand,  everyone thinking he’s a monster.  Guilty or not guilty, is the question.  Heart beating fast, balls up his sweaty palms, wishing he could close his eyes and be gone!!!

This book is an eye opener to the think again about who you want to surround yourself with, think again about the people you think are in your corner, think again about the person that will grab your hand when you’re reaching out.

Review by Demont Georgia, 16 years old.  Homewood.

Guitar Hero Heroes and Other Game Afficinados, Join Us for a Lock-in at Beechview Library

    Know any better way to spend a summer night than three hours of competing against other Guitar Heroes? Or hanging around playing Twister, Scattegories, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit Greatest Hits or Monopoly Here and Now with friends? If this sounds like your kind of fun (or if you just want to get out of the house), siddle on up to Beechview Library on thursday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. and stay til 10:00 p.m. 

     We’ll be the only ones here and it won’t matter if we make NOISE.  Of course, all this gaming  will work up appetites, so pizza will be involved as well.

      At this time of night, your parents may want to have some idea where you are, so we’ll need a parent permission slip so we know they know –or something like that. See me for the slip and come on in. You don’t often get a chance to beat Ms. Tina in the board game of your choice.

                                      Tina Zubak, Teen Librarian – Beechview





Bookface Revisited

I know you all have been waiting eagerly by your computers since bookface was posted on here a couple of weeks ago.

You’ve been checking the blog everyday and wondering “Are we ever going to see the results of this photographic experiment?” 

The answer is yes.

Here of some of the pictoral illusions we created at Woods Run two weeks ago.

If you would like to see more bookface check out the photos on our myspace page http://www.myspace.com/clp_woodsrun_teens

 If you thought bookface was fun checkout www.sleeveface.com. It’s basically the same thing but with album covers.

Ever hear of altered art? Well, it’s time you did!

CLP – Homewood. Wednesday. July 2nd. 2:00.

Ripping. Painting. Cutting. Folding. Gluing.

Deconstruct old donated books and make them your own!

Check out this gallery for ideas.


Do you have the skills, young Jedi?

You know how you can’t be a Jedi unless you train as a Jedi apprentice and do everything the Jedi Masters tell you to do (well, almost everything, right Anakin?) so you’ll have the skills needed to resist when the Dark Side of the Force comes calling (right, Anakin?!!), well pretty soon your apprenticeship (i.e. high school) will be over and you will be ‘forced’ to ask yourselves this question “The skills. Have them do I?”

If, after much time meditating, and levitating your little brother for fun, your answer is “GRWAAAARHH!” (that’s wookie for ‘Heck no!’), then come to the Lawrenceville library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from July 7th to the 24th (hey, was the Death Star built in one day?) and get ready to do some learnin’ about things you’re going to need to know once you’re free from the Sarlac Pit known as High School.

We will be having a Life Skills Summer Workshop here at the library. Various speakers will discuss and walk through the process of opening and maintaining a bank account, applying to colleges and for financial aid, writing a resume, and how to perform in a job interview. ‘Space’ is limited (at least in this galaxy), so please register by calling the library at 412-682-3668.  Session times are from 3:30 to 5:30.

Come and join us, you may even find out what a ‘parsec’ is and why doing the Kessel Run in twelve of them is a big deal. Well, at least that’s what I hear anyway.

Steve – Lawrenceville.

Model Behavior

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m hooked on a bunch of reality TV shows. My top choices are the design shows — Project Runway and Design Star are both very special — and cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef aren’t far behind. Between the designing and the cooking, though, is the modeling: America’s Next Top Model.

I am hooked on ANTM, and that addiction has extended to a furious devouring of all things modelish. I’ve even been known to watch Australia’s Next Top Model between seasons. The drama, the clothes, the challenges…I love it all. I especially love that this past season the winner of ANTM was a plus-sized model.

If you’re like me and love watching the drama behind the scenes of the fashion industry, don’t despair because the ANTM season is over and Project Runway has yet to begin: there’s been an influx of teen titles all about modeling and fashion lately! Here are a few to get you started.

A Girl Like Moi cover Barham, Lisa. A Girl Like Moi

How’s a fashion-obsessed teenager supposed to pay off a credit card? Get an internship in a fashion-forecasting agency, of course!

Airhead Cover

Cabot,Meg. Airhead

Emerson Watts was in a horrible accident. Now, she feels fine — but she has a strange craving for wasabi peas, and people keep thinking she’s a supermodel!

Just Listen cover

Dessen, Sarah. Just Listen

Annabel has it all, including a part-time modeling job. When the unthinkable happens, Annabel learns that what’s on the outside might not be so important, after all.

Model cover

Diamond, Cheryl. Model: a Memoir

Cheryl Diamond was 14 when she began modeling in New York City. Her memoir, written at age 20, talks about her life in the business: the very high highs, the extreme lows, and starting over again.

model spy cover

Greenland, Shannon. The Specialist: Model Spy

Martial arts expert? Check. Explosives expert? Check. Psychic? Check. Computer hacker who can also pass as a supermodel? Well, we’ll find out!

violet on the runway

Walker, Melissa. Violet on the Runway

Violet’s always been too tall, skinny and gawky to stand out, until she’s discovered in a movie theater by a modeling agent. Then she stands out in a big way.



Teen Services Coordinator

My first video

Last year, CLP Teen Services ran our first ever video contest, and it was great. This year we’re doing it again — only now we have our own video cameras that you can borrow!

I figured that it would probably be a good idea to learn how to use the videos so I can help other people if I have to, so here’s my very first video: shot at the Summer Reading Extravaganza, it’s not perfect — but it sure was fun to make!

I’m sure that almost anybody out there could do better — so why don’t you try?  Check out information about the CLP Quick Flix Video Contest, and try your hand at making movie magic!


Teen Services Coordinator

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