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Pop Princess

By: Rachel Cohn

Pop Princess is a great book about a 15 year old teenager named Wonder. She had a sister that was on her way to being a pop-star, but while she was on the way of making that dream complete she died. Then Wonder ended up getting a record contract. When she took it she got the look, fame, and everything else that she wanted. After her hit single and all the work she was doing, she noticed the pop star life wasn’t “all-that” (like she was expecting). It was surprisingly A LOT of work, and she just wished she could have her old life back.
So, basically this story is like the saying…“the grass always looks greener on the other side”. When you feel that someone else has a better life than you, think what they go through, and what problems they face. You’ll even find that sometimes their life is harder than yours like how  Wonder’s life was better than the pop princess life.
You should defiantly check this book out, it is totally awesome! It is also written by the author of gingerbread, and shrimp (which are also GREAT!!!).

-CLP, Woods Run – Brittney, Teen Volunteer

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