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25 Random Things about Frankie Landau-Banks

I recently read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  It is now in my Top Ten teen books.  Frankie’s character is one of the best teen characters ever written.  So many teen books have characters who can be whiny or feel sorry for themselves.  But Frankie is smart and takes control of her life. 

Inspired by the 25 Random things meme floating around Facebook, I wrote the following. Enjoy!

25 Random Things about Frankie Landau-Banks

1.       I attend a competitive boarding school called Alabaster Preparatory Academy.

2.       I would like to one day go to Harvard.

3.       My favorite food is guacamole.

4.       My favorite color is white.

5.       My family calls me “Bunny Rabbit”.

6.       I am in the Debate Club.

7.       My father wanted  a boy to name him Franklin after himself.  He settled for Frances. 

8.       My father also attended Alabaster, as did my older sister Zada.  It is a family tradition to attend.

9.       My father was  a member of a secret all-boys society at Alabaster called the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds.

10.   My freshmen year no one really noticed me.  I was basically just “Zada’s Little Sister”. 

11.   My sophomore year I have been getting a lot more attention.  My roommate Trish says this is because of “the ladies” that appeared over the summer. 

12.   My new boyfriend is a gorgeous senior named Matthew Livingston. 

13.   Matthew is a stickler for proper grammar.  He does not appreciate my number 14.

14.   I have become obsessed with the neglected positive.  For example: possible, impossible. Sane, insane.   I like to make up my own neglected positives.  Example: pugn from impugn. 

15.   Matthew rescued me when I fell off my bike  at the beginning of the school year.

16.   Matthew and I went on our first date when I received an invitation to a party on the golf course.  It had Matthew’s name on it and was stamped with a red seal of a basset hound.

17.   My favorite book is The Code of Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse .  The book is about a secret society called the Drones club.

18.   My favorite class this year is Cities, Art, and Protest.  I am writing about secret societies including the Suicide Club or Cacophony Club. They took part in urban exploration and public ridiculousness as a social critique.  For example, they masterminded the “Clowns on the Bus” event where people dressed as clowns and got on the city buses during the morning commute.

19.   Matthew  often disappears with Alpha, his best friend. 

20.   My big sister gave me the following advice about Matthew: “don’t let him erase you.”

21.   I know Matthew is lying to me when he goes off with his friends.  I know more than he thinks I know.

22.   I really want to find out what Matthew is doing all the time with Alpha.  Would it be wrong to follow him?

23.   I feel like Matthew underestimates me. 

24.   I hate the idea of a “boys club” I can never join.

25.   See letter to Headmaster Richmond.

Number 25 is the first chapter of the book so you will have to find a copy and read it and learn more about Frankie.

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