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Stories that Never Get Old: Children’s Books for All Ages

The Little PrinceDid I ever tell you how much I love my job? Well, I love my job! Every morning, I get to settle down into my comfy office chair and read the book reviews that you wonderful people have posted for Teen Summer Reading (Quick digression: If you haven’t signed up for TSR yet, you should. I mean, right NOW. You’re already online so just go to carnegielibrary.org/summer and do it!)

The other day as I was clicking through the reviews, I saw that Sema had read the Little Prince by Antoine de St. Exupery, and I was so excited. I love that book! I would give you a little spiel about its greatness, but she did it so well that I am just going to let her do the honors.

Here is what Sema (13) had to say:

“I first picked up this book because a friend told me how good it was. Flipping through the first pages of The Little Prince, however were quite discouraging. For it seemed that this book was only a children’s book. But to my extreme pleasure the book provided to be an excellent read! Full of mystery, adventure and above all; lessons for life. I ended the short 100-some page book with a tear in my eye, only a few hours after I started it. It’s an amazing book, definitely not JUST for kids, and I highly recommend it. “

Thank you Sema and everyone else who has been reading and writing reviews! Keep them coming: You people are AWESOME!

Sema’s review got me thinking about all the great books that teens choose not to read because they are so called “Children’s Books.” It’s a shame really. I hope that you will not let a book’s label keep you from reading some of the funniest and most touching stories ever. The following is a list of some of my favorite Children’s (but really for everyone) Books.


In the future, the Earth is under attack by an alien race known as the “buggers.” Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is sent to Battle School to train for the inevitable war – His commanders think that he is “the one”- the one who will save mankind-but what does Ender think?


Artemis Fowl, boy genius, doesn’t want to save the world. He just wants gold and lots of it, but he will have to outsmart LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaisance) officer and fairy, Holly Short, to get it.



Will Stanton is the last of the Old Ones, warriors of the Light who are sworn to fight back the forces of the Dark. In order to stop the rise of the Dark, Will must find the six medallions before the black-cloaked Rider finds him.



Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, Roald Dahl tells the story of his own childhood in England.




It is hard growing up, and Ponyboy has enough to figure out without a murder on his hands.




Meg and Charles Wallaces’ father was working on a secret government project when he disappeared. Now it is up to Meg, Charles, and their friend Calvin to travel through the tesseracts, or wrinkles in time, and rescue their father.



Ella is cursed with the gift of obedience, but she manages to defy her step-mother, finishing school, and even ogres on her way to happily ever after. The most charming retelling of Cinderella to date.



The four Pevensie children find their way through an old wardrobe to the magical land of Narnia. There they must help the lion, Aslan, to defeat the White Witch who has condemned Narnia to eternal winter.


Aerin, the daughter of a northern witch woman, feels like an outsider in her father’s court. However, when she discovers the secret to killing dragons, she can no longer hide from her destiny.



In her small Puritan community, Kit sticks out like a topical bird trapped in a flock of sparrows, and after she befriends Hannah, the old woman who lives by Blackbird Pond, her neighbors begin to wonder, is Kit a witch as well?


Stranded in the Sahara Desert after experiencing engine failure, a French aviator comes across an odd yellow-haired boy, the Little Prince, who tells him the strange but beautiful story of how he has travelled across the universe looking for a friend.

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