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Holly’s previous post about the good things that having a library space for teens to go to was awesome and very inspiring.  But just because you’re in the library and off the streets doesn’t mean that the streets can’t come to you, in other awesome and inspiring ways.

I’d like to showcase some of my current favorite street animations and one extremely talented Ukranian teenager, in case you’re somehow bored at the library and have the time to spare:

First, from the artist named blu, we have a wall-painted animation.

I don’t need to remind you that graffiti is vandalism, but it seems like blu cleaned up after his/herself.  Incidentally, there are some books I can recommend on the subject of teen graffiti artists:

Dirty Laundry by Daniel Ehrenhaft: “Carli, a teen actress who has gone undercover at a New England boarding school in order to research a role, hooks up with a student graffiti artist to investigate the disappearance of another of the school’s pupils.”




Zee’s Way by Kristin Butcher:Zee and his friends are angry that their old haunt has been replaced by stores that are off-limits to them and storekeepers who treat them with distrust. To let the merchants know what he and his friends think, Zee paints graffiti on the wall of the hardware store. After the wall is repainted, Zee decides to repeat the vandalism, but this time with more artistic flair. A store owner catches him in the act and threatens to call the police–unless Zee agrees to repair the damage.”

Trash by Sharon Darrow: “Graffiti artists Sissy Lexie and younger brother Boy try to maintain a sense of family while living in a series of foster homes and staying with their older sister, until a tragic accident forces Sissy to make decisions about her future.”




Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra: “A Mexican American high school student in a small California town is drawn into the underground world of graffiti art, feeling that it is the only way to express herself artistically and still remain true to her cultural identity.”




Feel weird about writing on walls? Then check out this cardboard animation of weirdly cute bug/monster invaders, done by Sjors Vervoort:

Want to make your own animation?  We have these books to help you:

The Animation Bible: a practical guide to the art of animating, from flipbooks to Flash by Maureen Furniss




Animation unleashed : 100 principles every animator, comic book writer, filmmaker, video artist and game developer should know by Ellen Besen



and more…

And finally, a showstopper: Ukraine’s Got Talent featured a teenager named Kseniya Simonova, who told a story about World War II using only sand and music.  I’ve never watched the American version of this show, but I’m willing to bet it hasn’t featured an insanely talented sand artist.  You must experience it!

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