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Youth Climate Forum in Copenhagen

If you sometimes wonder if anyone takes teens seriously, consider the following:

About 160  teens 14-17-years old from 44 countries met at a Unicef sponsored Youth Climate Forum in anticipation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. They adopted a resolution that calls for both personal responsibility and government accountability in connection with climate change. Some of its provisions include:

  • well-planned, sustainable cities;
  • standard emergency procedures during disasters;
  • clean water and conservation;
  • technical and other aid to developing nations.

You can read the entire declaration here. It’s short, to the point and loaded with viable resolutions. At the end of the conference, the document was presented to the president of  the COP15 who promised to bring these ideas to the international conference.

In addition, six  Teen Climate ambassadors from Bolivia, Haiti, Bangladesh and Zambia spoke to COP15 about their experiences with climate-induced disasters and its effect on their families, schools and communities.  

Mohammed Axam Maumoon, a 15-year-old  from Maldives, received a standing ovation from hundreds of participants when he spoke on a panel with adult participants in COP15  including the Danish Prime Minister and the former president of Costa Rica. 

There’s no doubt your generation is a global generation. For  more information on climate change, check out:

The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming




Eyewitness Climate Change






                 An Inconvenient Truth : the Crisis of Global  Warming, the book 



An Inconvenient Truth, the movie




                                                                -Tina Zubak, Beechview

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