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Video Advisory, 2009 Edition


It’s quite near the end of the year, so all of those lists are about to come out: the Best of 2009.

The best sports moments, the best sports moments on YouTube, the best songs, the best movies, the best books, the best celebrity baby names, the best crazy pets on the Dog Whisperer, the best dressed celebrities, the best reality TV show fights, the best…  you get the picture.   Also, since the “aughts,” a,k.a. 2000-2009, are coming to a close, there are also those “best of the decade” lists.

I thought I might go low-key and post a few videos from 2009 that you may have enjoyed, with a book suggestion for each.  I can’t help suggesting books.  I’m a librarian.  Do you have a favorite thing (chihuahua, book, movie, quote, sports moment, etc.) of 2009?  If you don’t see it here, please let us know in the comments.


Beyonce references ninjas, pin-up girl Betty Page, James Bond-type stuff  and more.   This video will keep you watching, if nothing else. 

If  you like this video -perhaps you will like this collaborative book between Lauren Myracle, E. Lockhart, and Sarah Mylnowski, who are like the big pop stars of teen lit:

book jacket 

Speaking of Lady Gaga, Holy moly Bad Romance is intense!  She is definitely holding her own.

If you like this video, try this book about how rad, outsider girls can make it through adolescence in one piece:

How about Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say?  This has been all over the radio lately, and it’s certainly stuck in my head.

If you want a book  that will make you a star, so you’ll be living so large, check out:

book jacket

Gogol Bordello kind of brought the weird with Wanderlust King. 

Here’s a book about a strange teenage girl who travels all over the world, hitting some of the places in the video:

book jacket

Happy reading/listening/watching, and thanks for a great year, Pittsburgh teens!



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