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The Good Girlz

Camille Harris is so excited! Her boyfriend Keith just got out of jail, and she knows the perfect place for him to stay away from bad influences: her grandmother’s vacant house. Her grandmother is in a nursing home, and Camille is taking care of her cat and plants. Camille is totally ready to help Keith get back on the right track after being wrongly convicted of carjacking a 78-year-old woman.

Camille finishes braiding Keith’s hair, and steps toward the front door to call her grandmother’s cat. But she opens it to a policeman screaming, “Put your hands in the air so we can see them!”

Camille tries to tell the officer that she didn’t do anything.  “Didn’t do anything?” The officer laughed. “Your boyfriend tried to choke a deputy before he broke out of jail last week. And you’ve been hiding him in your grandmother’s house ever since. Harboring a fugititve is a pretty big crime.”

At first Camille can’t believe it. Then she remembers how Keith never wanted to leave the house. How he was so focused on no one knowing that he was out.

Camille is one of the Good Girlz, a community service group sponsored by a local church. But can she manage to stay one of the Good Girlz?

If you like Nothing But Drama, check out other books in the Good Girlz series:


Sara Dora CLP-Hazelwood

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