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Snow Day!!

As I cleared the snow and ice off my car this morning — a task which took far too long and made me late for work — I began wondering if you, the teens of Pittsburgh, would have to go to school today.  And then I began dreaming…what would I do with a snow day, those unexpected morsels of freedom in the midst of long, cold winters?

Well, you did have to go to school. And I had to go to work.  But my dreams of a snow day continue, and here are just a few things I’d do if I got that early morning phone call:

1. Go back to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  Last night I went to bed around midnight and my alarm went off at 7:30 — this should have been enough sleep, but apparently not. I hit snooze several times before finally dragging myself out of bed.  Teens need even more sleep — 8.5-9.25 hours each night.  But because of teens’ natural circadian rhythms, it’s often difficult for you to go to bed early, making waking up for school incredibly hard.

2. Shovel the Sidewalk. It’s a nasty job, but somebody has to do it.  If I had a snow day, I like to think that I’d get out and make my sidewalk clear and safe for people walking by.  Plus, it’s good exercise!  If you get surprised by a snow day this winter, think about going outside and shoveling — you’ll get major brownie points from your grown-ups if they don’t have to ask first.

3. Read. The American Library Association Midwinter Conference is coming up, and as a member of the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee I need to read about 80 books to help decide if they should make the final list.  I’m almost done, but not quite — having a day to read would be a big help!  (Do you want to help?  Check out this lists of nominated titles and let me know what you think about the titles and their popularity with teens!)

4. Read. Because of PPYA, I’ve set aside a lot of books that I’m really excited about.  Here are a couple:

King, Stephen. Under the Dome.

On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester’s Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. Planes crash into it and fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener’s hand is severed as “the dome” comes down on it, people running errands in the neighboring town are divided from their families, and cars explode on impact. No one can fathom what this barrier is, where it came from, and when — or if — it will go away.

Gabaldon, Diana. An Echo in the Bone.

As battle-scarred Jamie Fraser and his twentieth-century time-travelling wife Claire Randall flee from North Carolina to the high seas during the American Revolution, they encounter privateers and ocean battles. Meanwhile in the relative safety of the 20th century Brianna (Claire and Jamie’s daughter) and Roger MacKenzie, Brianna’s husband, search for clues not only to Claire’s fate–but to their own fate in the Highlands.

5. Read. Are you sensing a trend here?  If I had enough time on my imaginary snow day, I’d start on my new To-Read list: Books set in Western PA.  These are the two I’m most excited about:

Kirk, Daniel. Elf Realm: The Low Road

When Matt and his family move to a new development, they stumble into the middle of massive upheaval in the fairy world, and as the elves’ territory disintegrates and the dark factions try to seize control, an apprentice mage sees in Matt the key to saving the realms from destruction.

Kirk, Daniel. Elf Realm: The High Road

Fourteen-year-old Matt forms an uneasy alliance with Tuava-Li the elf and Tomtar the troll in an attempt to restore to well-being the tree at the northern pole whose roots bind the worlds together, while Matt’s nine-year-old sister Becky tries to free their captive parents with Asra’s help.

6.  Play Video Games. Can you imagine a whole day to do nothing but play video games?  If I had a snow day, I’d definitely spend some time playing these:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This is the coolest game I’ve played in a long time.  I never had a Nintendo growing up, so now that I’m a grown-up I’m making up for lost time.  Mario and the gang are back to rescue Princess Peach and take on Bowser.  Don’t let the familiar premise fool you, though — this game is HARD.

Final Fantasy XIII

Okay, so this game isn’t actually out yet.  But on my imaginary snow day, of course it is. And I will play it.  I LOVE Final Fantasy, and this will be the first one I’ll play on a “nextgen” console – xBox 360.  IT WILL BE EPIC.

One of the things I love best about Final Fantasy is, unlike Mario, it’s female characters aren’t shrinking violets.  It looks like this new one will be no exception.  Plus, it has an awesome battle system.

7. Cook. I love to cook, and I’ve decided that my next task will be to learn how to make homemade bread.  What better day to do it then a cold, snowy, snow day?  Mmm…fresh bread, hot from the oven, with butter and jam…or dipped into stew…or turned into toast with honey…my mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

Well, I’m done being annoyed by the snow and ice.  Now I want it to snow harder!  What would you do with a snow day?

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  1. […] some of you might remember that, back in January, I blogged about what I’d do on an imaginary snow day.  One of the major themes was uninterrupted time for gaming which, a couple weeks ago, I suddenly […]

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