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John P Reviews some books

I love the idea of reviewing a book. What’s great about it is that I get to rant, which I love to do. Ask anyone of my friends. And I can rant a long time. I get to spout off opinions, and then get money taken off my large amount of fines that I can’t pay cuz I’m broke! Amazing, truly.

Pretty much, Jack Gantos’s main character, Joey Pigza, has ADHD. He can’t sit still, he can’t do his work even though he’s smart and understands; he does crazy stuff, including swallowing the key (as mentioned in the title), accidently hurting himself and others and causing huge problems with the school. Even though they keep telling him that he’s going to get sent to special education school for “kids with problems,” he can’t stop. They eventually make true on their promises, and he has to go through different therapy, and, eventually, gets some meds that do work and goes back to school and his mom is happy, and so is he 🙂 (I’m not the type to use smileys but that was necessary).
Seriously, you can’t get a better book than this, at least not at the reading level (it’s easily readable for 4th graders). Yeah. It’s really good, I do recommend it, unless you don’t like to read. It’s amazing, really, and even if you can’t read too well, this is easy as hell, and it should be a good read to anyone. really, this book should be taught to kids, that’s how awesome and real it is. If you don’t read it after this review, then I will strap you down to the ground and read it to you. Or just nag you. Or not care. JUST READ IT!!!

BLACK METAL by Rick Spears and Chuck BB


This is something that all metalheads should read. PERIOD. Nothing will make you laugh better or make you feel better than this. It’s straight up amazing. Funny, romantic (for a black metal book), action packed, violent, creepy, and odd. AND FILLED WITH REFERENCES OF BLACK METAL SUBCULTURE, in ways only the fans would get. AND IT’S A COMIC BOOK. TRULY, TRULY EPIC. IM DEAD SERIOUS.

The plot: Two brothers, Sam and Shaun Stronghand, are notoriously violent and odd and worship old school Norse Gods. They’ve been kicked out of several schools, and live with their foster mom and little foster brother in a suburb of the U.S. and A. Pretty much, the only thing that makes them happy is black metal. After getting kicked out of another school, they find a CD that reveals that they are the true masters of hell. With the help of a cute goth girl and a crazy guy who goes to their school, they end up having to fight for their own scraps of the underworld to win their rightful place.
How do i put this? THIS IS AN AMAZING (comic) BOOK. SERIOUSLY. I don’t read a lot of comics, but this was awesome. It’s funny, and all the others things I already mentioned above. and more. Understand: this book would make the guys from venom proud. AND THAT WOULD BE HARD TO DO. Whether you’re old school and more into the hardcore and less into the new stuff, read it. It’s beautiful. At least in my rotten metalhead opinion. HAIL SATAN! (or, for my fellow vegetarians, seitan).


This review isn’t enthusiastic, like the last one. Pretty much, I was unimpressed with this book. I still would recommend it, but it’s not that great.
The plot is that several young teenagers are trying to live together after defeating their evil parents and trying to stop evil, this time in NYC, because a famous superhero, Cloak, is being regarded as evil by most people because of an attack on certain people, including his companion Dagger. They start investigating mutants and heroes made through drugs, to try to prove him innocent, as adults and older heroes try to stop the runaways from being able to be heroes and take them in or put them in adoption programs.

Why was this not as good? Well, not to be rude, but mainly the art was terrible compared to the old ones. And although the idea was interesting, it seemed that the way the book was written seemed to be written for someone younger than the older ones. I still think you should read it, but it’s not a must read.

SLOTH by Gilbert Hernandez

This is a good book, no doubt. But not easy to explain. The story kind of repeats itself with a different character, which makes it hard to understand and slightly odd. It’s darn good, very interesting, very well written, good art (it’s a comic). Teen romance (and sex), rock, hiphop, evil suburban legends, depression, and more.

Pretty much, three best friends (looked at in the first part from the lead Miguel’s point of view) are in a rock band. Miguel forced himself, but with no damage, into a coma for a year. However, his girlfriend and band are still together, and he’s fine, so life goes on as usual, with his crazy tutor and grandparents, his father in jail, and his girlfriend is still interested in the Goat Man, an ancient legend of lore from their suburban town who lives in the lemon orchards. Here’s where it gets confusing: suddenly, his girlfriend, Lita, is the narrator, with her life being the center, with her dysfunctional family, but as if the other story never happened. Her affair with a rock star and Miguel forces her to make a decision that ends up killing somebody and making everyone sad and ashamed.

How do I put this? I think that you and most others should read this, but it isn’t necessary. If you’re a teenager, I highly recommend it, but otherwise, it’s not that great or important. It’s a good book to read, but not necessarily the greatest. Good way to spend and hour, if it takes you that long, its pretty short.

johnnyP yEahYouKnowMe
JohnnyP YeAHukNOWmE

**The above reviews were written by johnnyP as part of the Teen Fine Alternative Program.  If you’re interested in working off fines owed on CLP materials and are between the ages of 12-18, please contact your local CLP location.**

One Response

  1. JohnP, if you can get your hands on a book called Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality by John Darnielle, I think you’d enjoy it. Unfortunately, the library does not own a copy.

    It is well-reviewed on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2286938.Black_Sabbath_s_Master_of_Reality

    and one of my personal favorites.

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