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A Teen Recession?

According to this week’s issue of Time magazine, teens having a hard time getting and keeping jobs in the current economic climate.  In the article, available online, Andrew Sum, the head of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University is quoted as saying:

“Proportionally, more kids have lost jobs in the past few years than the entire country lost in the Great Depression.”

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Why is this?  Stephen Gandel, the article’s author, speculates that older people are taking the jobs for which teens usually apply.  More people losing their savings equals more people re-entering the job market, and applying for lower-paying jobs than they previously held (like delivering newspapers).

 “Sum estimates there are 4.2 million teens who can’t find a job, have stopped trying or would like to be working more than they are. That’s up 84% from 2007.”

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Why does this matter?  Apparently, your first job has something to do with how much you will earn throughout your life.

Are you one of the many teens with cut hours or trouble finding a job?  Maybe the library can help…

We have a virtual and physical space focused on resources for Jobs, Careers, and Education, which includes many books on how to write a resume, how to interview for a job, or practice for a number of tests like the GED or the SAT.

The CLP teen site has a list of websites that can help you get an after school job or decide your next step after high school.

If you have a job, maybe you’d like to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to stretch your cash out.  If so, we have books like:

Smart money : how to manage your cash / Danielle Denega.





Savings and investment information for teens /Karen Bellenir





and more!

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