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Census 2010 – It’s in Our Hands.

So, you may be wondering why you  should even care about the census.  Every ten years people walk around, counting other people.  Ho, hum.  But it’s a really a much bigger deal than that.  Here’s some more concrete answers, as to why you should care about the 2010 Census:

1.  Backed by the US Constitution.  Kind of makes it important.  Just a little.

2. Decides the number of representatives Pennsylvania will have in the House of Representatives = Number of politicians routing for what we want!

3.  Establishes school district area assignments.  Now, I know you don’t want them sending you to another school district, because not enough people sent in their census forms!

4.  Determines the services offered in your community, AKA How much money the government will distribute to build roads, new schools, and get help for the elderly.  The federal government provides $400 BILLION dollars in funds each year.  Only, if it doesn’t look like anyone lives in your neighborhood because no one filled out the 2010 Census, your representatives in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. will have no clout because they won’t have the population numbers to back them up!

5.  Provides us with fantastic facts about Pennsylvania, like there are:

  • 10,559 Fast Food Restaurants (as of 2007)
  • 5, 277 Dentist Offices (as of 2007)
  • 79,479 Twelve Year Old Boys (as of 2008)
  • 5% of the population takes Public Transportation (5%!!!! C’mon, PA!  You can do better than that!  Where’s your Go Green mentality?!?)

So, “It’s in my hands!” you exclaim.  “What can I do?” you ask.  Well, you can…

  • Ask the adult in your house to please, please, fill out the 2010 Census form that will be sent to your house in March.
  • Visit Census 2010’s Teen Page to play games and test your census knowledge.
  • Follow the census online, via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Speak up!  If you hear of anyone saying they’re not going to complete the census because of:

    Privacy.  They don’t want to tell the government their business.
    Confidentiality.  They’re worried the information they give out could be used against them.
    Immigration and Citizenship Issues. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves, and their family.

    Tell them the Census Bureau understands their concerns, and privacy.  And it’s the law.  The census will protect your personal information.  Every Census employee, who will see your data, has taken an oath to protect it, sworn for life.

  • Finally, remember, it’s in YOUR hands!

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