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Teen Review: Rage Against the Machine

Band photo from http://www.ratm.com

Rage Against the Machine

By Rage Against the Machine

1. Explain what genre you think this music fits into and why in one or two sentences: Rap-Metal due to rap lyrics, distorted guitar with large usage of the kill-switch. Some songs include slap bass, but most include strong, popping bass lines.

2. Write a sentence or two about what mood the music creates and why: It create exciting, powerful mood, because of its powerful lyrics, and overall strong, fast, overpowering instrumentals.

3. Write about how you would recommend this to a friend, or why you wouldn’t recommend the music: I would definitely recommend this CD. It is one of my all-time favorite CDs. Rage Against the Machine creates a genre of music that is very unique. They combine many different, varying skills, into one, powerful, individual band. They add rap singing with thought provoking lyrics to heavy metal instrumentals, and also a bit of funk bass.

This review was written by Josh, age 13, a volunteer at CLP – Main. Do you want to write reviews or other content for CLPTeensburgh? Email teens@carnegielibrary.org!

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