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Cold Rain and Snow

I’ve been getting used to searching the new catalog and I’m really impressed.  Number one reason to love it: you can limit your search results to books that are designated as “Teen”.  So helpful.   That would be enough for me, but it also has all of these other fun options, good for when you want something to read but aren’t sure exactly what.

For example. Let’s say I was in a reading slump and wanted to find a book that had to do with snow or ice.  So I go to the catalog and type in “snow OR ice”.  Then I can click on the right side of the page to limit the results to only Teen.  But that still leaves me with 727 items to browse, and I don’t have the time.  So I refine the search again to things published within the last 3 years.  That takes me down to 183 things, but I just want a book, really.   So I click on the Book icon at the top of the results list.  Now there are only 148 results. 

From here, I can also refine to:

–  the region the work is about (snow in Japan, snow in California, etc.)

time period (1185-1600, 20th Century, etc.)

– genre (short stories, adventure stories, love stories, code and cipher stories, fantasy, etc.)


Once again: so. helpful.

Here are some of the gems that came up in my search (click on any picture to go to the record in the catalog):

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George


Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

are both retellings of the folktale called “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” (we have copies of that at the library, too).   It’s about a girl who is forced to marry a polar bear.  Only better than that sounds.

The search also returned results for authors whose names are “snow”

Snap, by Carol Snow, is about a girl whose camera starts to take pictures of ghosts.  I would totally read this, even though it is not about snow.  This is almost as fun as actually being at the library and browsing the shelves.

or I could learn about Ice Cube:

but I would probably opt for checking one of his cds out.

Happy Snow Day browsing!


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