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Teen Magazine Review: Pride and Predation

Smithsonian Magazine

Pride and Predation

January 2010

1. Give a brief (one or two sentence summary of the article or articles you read):

This article was amazing, it talks about the many different facts about Lions/Lionesses. This article informed me so much, I had to read it all over again.

2. Explain how you might apply what you learned to your own life.  Or, explain why what you read will not be applied.

Well first of all I love lions, so maybe one day I would just love to work with them. So I would really need to understand them a little  bit more.

3. Write a sentence or two about what you enjoyed about this work.  Or, write a sentence or two about what you did not enjoy.

Like I said I love lions, I’ll read about them all day. I really enjoyed this article, because It gave me soo much determination to protect them. Because I don’t want to live in a world were lions are extinct.

**The above review was written by Savannah as part of the Teen Fine Alternative Program.  If you’re interested in working off fines owed on CLP materials and are between the ages of 12-18, please contact your local CLP location.**

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