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I am going to preface this post by saying I LOVE FACEBOOK! I am just going to get it right out there.  I’m not going to try to hide it.  


Here’s Why:

1. I connect with librarians, mothers, crafters and other people and places I am interested in.  It’s a great way to gather information.  I learn about new ideas for storytimes, new things to sew and talk to other mothers about our toddlers and babies. I learn what the Pittsburgh Zoo is up to and the latest American Idol news. I LOVE FACEBOOK!

2. Last summer, my husband was in the hospital with a suspected bout of Crohn’s Disease.  I posted this on Facebook. An accquaintance from high school sent me a message that said she had medication leftover from her own bout of Crohn’s Disease she was willing to give us.   She mailed them from Baltimore.  She saved us about $150. I LOVE FACEBOOK!

3. My husband and I found old friends of ours who moved away from Pittsburgh on Facebook.  We lost touch and reconnected after 5 years.  We ended up getting together with them last Christmas.  It was wonderful to reunite with them.   I LOVE FACEBOOK!

Do you love Facebook? According to Pew Internet 73% of wired American teens, meaning teens who are online (93% of teens are online), use social networking websites.  Myspace is popular among younger teens and Facebook is popular among older teens, young adults and adults.

As I was reading this information, two young adults (ages 17 and 21) told me they had recently deleted their Facebook and Myspace accounts. 

The thought sent shivers up my spine! And it got me thinking. Is this the new trend? Has Facebook become unpopular? What is the next big thing online? Or is the next big thing to NOT be online?

My opinion is Facebook is here to stay.  Facebook is currently the most popular social network site among adults.  The amount of adults using Facebook is increasing and the reasons to use Facebook, or another social networking site, is changing.  It’s not just about finding your old friends but about gathering and dispersing information.

So are my two young adults going to regret their decision and hop back on Facebook?

Are they going to miss Farmville? Or reading my delightful status updates about my kids?


Or maybe they’ll be telling me about the latest cool thing I’m missing. Sigh.

5 Responses

  1. Julie — were they replacing Facebook with something, or just going offline?

  2. As far as I know they are going offline. I think they keep in touch with friends in other ways like texting.

  3. More and more teens seem to be using Facebook rather than MySpace. How about it, Teens, which do you prefer and why?

  4. What about Plain Janes and D.J. in thje Dairy Queen franchise who’s sort of a football nerd?

  5. […] from Carrick has already written about the reasons that Facebook can be fun to use, and the ambivalence two of her teen customers had towar….  You may or may not have the same ambivalence.  You may not think at all about where your status […]

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