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Teen FAP Review: Tithe


By Holly Black

This is probably one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve read it countless times and it never seems to grow old. Holly Black did an amazing job in capturing the reader’s attention and keeping them engulfed in the plot. In fact, this book is nearly impossible to put down.

The story tells of a young girl, Kaye, who grew up (and is still living) on what some people may call the “wrong side of the tracks”. But she soon learns that her life is even darker than it seems with a mystery of her birth. She learns she is a Faerie, but not the tinker-bell type. The Faeries around her are dark, demented and violent. Twisted even.

Of course, no story of such sort would be complete without a handsome Faerie knight, Roiben, who is under Kaye’s constant control. Overall the book is fantastic. The plot is riveting, and the characters are perfectly flawed and odd. The book keeps moving, with a decadence of detail, and darkness. It’s not a story about a happy little high school girl, falling in love with prince charming. It’s a tale about a girl who smokes, dropped out of high school, shoplifts, and in the end finds who she really is with terrible reluctance. Kaye is a character who never denies herself and stays stubborn and strong, a true hero. Her life isn’t sugarcoated and neither is this book.

I recommend this reading for any teens who love a good, honest, dark fantasy.

**The above review was written by Yelizaveta as part of the Teen Fine Alternative Program.  If you’re interested in working off fines owed on CLP materials and are between the ages of 12-18, please contact your local CLP location.**

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