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Teen FAP Review: Stardust


By Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is by far one of my favorite authors. He has a way with words and making a reader wonder. Which is why, I was really disappointed with the book Stardust. The plot and idea behind the story were fascinating, and full of potential. But Gaiman didn’t seem to think so.

The story of Stardust, is of a young man named Tristan Thorne who travels through a mystic Wall in search of a fallen star, just for his beloved. Along the way he discovers evil witches, flying pirate ships, and even a unicorn. Where could you go WRONG? And when he finally gets to his fallen star, she turns out to be, not a massive molten rock, but a beautiful young woman. Again, all the makings of a good fantasy. Gaiman just didn’t seem to put in the effort in completing it though.

The entire book felt…rushed. Like the author was just waiting to get to the end and be done with it, permanently. First of all, the two main characters, Tristan and the Star, bitterly despise one another throughout the limited pages of the book, and it seems that they only truly fall in love in one lousy little paragraph at the very end, AFTER Tristan’s beloved rejects him. It doesn’t seem like romance but rebound.

And let us not get into the ending itself. No epic battle. No heroic accomplishment. Nothing. The characters find a peaceful ending…just like that. Though I will give Neil Gaiman some  credit. The very ending was bitter-sweet and touching, in its way. But it did not make up for the rushed 200+ pages prior. This book had so much potential but was completely shut down by Gaiman. The plot skipped over things that happened and it seemed more of a time-line than a novel.

All in all, I would recommend readers to see the movie instead. As sad as it may be, the movie was MUCH more fulfilling than the novel.

**The above review was written by Yelizaveta as part of the Teen Fine Alternative Program.  If you’re interested in working off fines owed on CLP materials and are between the ages of 12-18, please contact your local CLP location.**

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