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I need a pencil!

photo by flickr user hownowdesign


According to the SAT website, the next date to register for the test is October 9th. Which means you have the whole summer to study for the test! 

Not that excited about studying?  I feel your pain. I took the SATs 4 different times in high school so I could qualify for more financial aid.  My scores only improved significantly  (about 200 points) the fourth time, and that is because I got tutoring.  But then is not now, and you, as a Pittsburgh teen, have access to free resources that I could never have even dreamed of.  As a present from my past self, I will share them with you and save you a lot of trouble.  You may even get better scores than me!

Library Goodies:

(These can be accessed from library computers or at home through the website, using your library card number)

Tutor.com: Tutor.com offers awesome live reference help for all subjects from 3 to 10 p.m., but it ALSO provides practice tests for the SATs and SAT subject tests (and the PSSAs, ACTs, and PSATs…)

Just go here: http://www.carnegielibrary.org/teens/homework/, click on the “You’ve got homework, we’ve got help” banner.  That will take you to Tutor.com.  Then you can go to the College Center, and look at the bottom of the box on the right, where it says “College Entrance Exams” under the “Standardized Test Preparations” heading.

Testing and Reference Center

Here is where you can find test prep for:

Whew! That’s a lot.  Just click on “Testing and Reference Center” above to give it a try.

Good Old Books

Click on a picture to go to the catalog record for each book:


Free SAT help on the web


Jason Shah, a Harvard student, started this site when he realized that a lot of high school kids were at a disadvantage when it came to SAT prep.  He didn’t think that lack of funding for schools and tight family budgets should bar children from doing their best on a test that would play a big part in determining where they got into college. 

His site offers a couple of different options for test study, from single questions to full exams, and the best part is that it saves your progress when you register, so you know what parts of the SAT you still have to review, and you can go over the subjects that you need help with most.  And it’s all free!  Teens who have used the site have seen improvement in their scores.

The SAT site

You may have thought the SAT website was just for giving them your money to register for the exam.  But it offers personalized study plans, tips, and practice questions as well.

If you give yourself enough time to study and learn test-taking strategies, the SATs will be less nerve-wracking and may even become your friend in finding a better way to pay for college.

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