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Embracing All of Life’s Awkward Moments


From Dictionary.com:

awk·ward  [awk-werd]


1. lacking skill or dexterity; clumsy.

2. lacking grace or ease in movement: an awkward gesture; an awkward dancer.

3. lacking social graces or manners: a simple, awkward frontiersman.

4. not well planned or designed for easy or effective use: an awkward instrument; an awkward method.

5. requiring caution; somewhat hazardous; dangerous: an awkward turn in the road.

6. hard to deal with; difficult; requiring skill, tact, or the like: an awkward situation; an awkward customer.

7. embarrassing or inconvenient; caused by lack of social grace: an awkward moment

8. Obsolete . untoward; perverse.

Should we enjoy ourselves at the (awkward) expense of others? If you check out Awkward Family Photos or any of the library books below, you just might find yourself saying yes.

Regrets of crafts gone wrong:

Misguided baked goods:

Awkward Love Letters:

General embarrassment, diary-style:

Last but not least, texts to regret:


Sara Dora, CLP-Hazelwood

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