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The Creepiness of Vermont

M.T. Anderson has written some really funny books.  And serious books (award-winning, incidentally).  And funny-serious-award-winning books. 

And now he has gone missing, in the midst of making a video promoting his book The Suburb Beyond the Stars!!


Yes, it is 10 minutes and 55 seconds long, but it’s worth it.  If you’re a fan of Paranormal Activity or the Blair Witch Project or the Grudge, then you will like this video.  And M.T. Anderson is very charming.

And before you read The Suburb Beyond the Stars, you’ll want to check out the Game of Sunken Places.  It’s a story about Brian and Gregory, best friends who go on vacation in Vermont, where Gregory’s Uncle Max lives.  Uncle Max makes them dress in Victorian clothing, and he doesn’t own a TV, but there is a weird board game modeled on the woods outside of his home that was left in their common room.  Once they start to explore the places on the board, it becomes clear that while, outside of Vermont, ogres tend not to be real, inside of the creepy Vermont woods, the rules are a little different.

So, yes, it is like Jumanji but creepy.  A perfect book to read as the Semptember days grow crisper and autumn puts you in that telling-stories-around-a-campfire mood.  Or is that just me?


How he writes (taken from this interview over at NPR):

“‘I eat broccoli. I think about the plot. I pace in circles for hours, counter-clockwise, listening to music. I try to think of one detail in the scene I’m about to write that I’m really excited about writing. Until I can come up with that one detail, I pace. I put on another CD. I hum along. I get an idea. I prepare to begin. I shake out my fingers. I sit down. I type the first word. I erase it. I type in another first word, and consider the second word.

The phone rings. It’s a friend calling to tell me a great story about running into her ex-stalker at Cinnabon. We talk for an hour and a half.

My time for writing is up. I go to bed. I feel guilty and miserable. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow.'”

One Response

  1. Ooh, I missed that video – thanks! He did a talk in our library system last year — very charming, indeed.

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