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Team: A Day in the Life of a Volunteer (or Two)

Ever thought about what it would be like to volunteer at the library? Then you don’t have enough to think about during your day. Regardless, we’re going to tell you about it! Awesome, right?


The day generally begins with waiting for the doors to open and surveying the colorful characters that frequent the library every day. With the library opening at ten, we () are the first wave of teen volunteers to come in.  That means lots of shelving. We split it up into two divisions after receiving a cheery greeting from the librarians behind the front desk. Thank God they’re morning people.

Now, onto the perils of shelving books. These include: shelving them incorrectly, one’s cart falling into the pits of doom near shelves in the teen fiction/non-fiction section, shelving so much MANGA that the pressure inside your cranium threatens to burst and you find yourself reeling from the room spinning, stubborn patrons who won’t heed the meek, “excuse me,” we utter so they get out of the way, our insane urge to make sure that all of the books are perfectly straight (and our subsequent cases of acute OCD).

Other duties include: making advocacy posters, cleaning the whiteboards in the art club room, scanning new teen books into the system, fixing battered and broken CD cases, and shelf straightening. Shelf straightening is rather self-explanatory: we straighten the books on the shelves.

After a hard day’s work (more like two hours in an air-conditioned building filled with books) we pick up our bags from the office, bid adieu to the awesome librarians we work for, and share a giant cookie from the Crazy Mocha. (Julie pays for the cookie, and Jemma breaks off little pieces until Julie finally gives up and gives Jemma half.)

Thinking of volunteering now that you’ve read this candid, ringing endorsement? Stop by the library of your choice and ask about volunteering opportunities!

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  1. Keep the libraries going. We will always need them.

    Please visit my blog and leave a comment. Thanks!

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