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If you like ________, then try _________

“Where can I find Twilight?”  “How about the Pretty Little Liars series?”  “Leviathan wasn’t on the shelf!”

When you show up to the library looking for a particular book, and it isn’t on the shelf – that can be very disappointing.  But, with a little open-mindedness, we can help you can  find another book that you just might fall in love with.

Find some suggestions, after the jump.

  • If you like Corey Doctorow’s Little Brother or For the Win, try Hater by David Moody.  Hater is more of a horror than a suspense title, but it matches Doctorow’s distrust of establishment.  In Hater, the social fabric of society starts to unravel due to violent impulses gripping some citizens.
  • Has the  Twilight series changed your life for the better? Try Cynthia Letitia Smith’s Tantalize and Eternal, about 17 year old Quince, who’s trying to move her hybird-werewolf BFF to BF, just as he becomes a murder suspect.  Also try Claire De Lune:  Claire discovers strange things are happening ,and when her mother reveals their family secret which explains the changes, Claire feels her world, as she has known it to be, slowly slipping away.  And finally, there is the Evernight series by Claudia Gray: teenage vampire Bianca finds herself the target when evil wraiths attack her boarding school.
  • Are you of the belief that the Hunger Games trilogy is totally epic?  Try the manga  Battle Royale,  by Koushun Takami.  9th graders think their trip to an island is a normal school outing, until they arrive to find they’ve been duped into participating in a reality show that requires a fight to the death.   Girl in the Arena, by Lise Haines, is a great title about modern day gladiators.
  • Find yourself adoring Percy Jackson & the Olympians?  Try Oh. My. Gods.,  and it’s follow up Goddess Boot Camp, by Tera Lynn Childs.  High schooler Phoebe ends up on a random Greek island after her mother gets remarried, only to discover that  all of the students are descendants of Greek gods.

Need more suggestions?  Stop by and ask us!



(Apologies for the cheese-tastic graphic.  I couldn’t help myself.)

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