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Think about it

Seth Walsh hangs himself in his backyard…

Tyler Clementi jumps off the George Washington Bridge…






A few words that come to my mind.

I am writing this post to ask everyone reading this to think about what you say to someone and what you type into your computer. If you hear someone saying something cruel to someone else, don’t join in. It’s not funny and it could have fatal consequences.

Think about it before you hit send or update. Would you say this to someone’s face?

Think about how you would feel if someone said it to you. 

Think about all our differences and think about the word respect.  Respect our differences.  You don’t have to like everyone but you should respect everyone. 

Think about Seth and Tyler and think about their Moms and Dads.  Think about their friends and family.  Think about how they feel having lost someone they love because something someone said or posted online caused them to take their on lives.

Think about it…

More resources:

Connect Safely


Stop Bullying Now

Find books about bullying at the library:

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