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A Top 10 List

I almost forgot to write a blog post today. Oh, no! And I’m still not entirely sure what to write about. Hmm…the John Green event tomorrow night?  No, Brooke did that yesterday.  (Although, looking at the official event page made me super excited — how did I not know that Armoured Bearcub will be there?!?)

How about a blog post about the ALA Midwinter Conference?  After all, it was just a couple weeks ago and I DID get to help pick the winner of the Morris Award, The Freak Observer by Blythe Woolston.  But…really? A blog post about a conference?  How boring.  Also, I still haven’t read the Printz award-winner, Shipbreaker, and I can’t blog about Midwinter without being able to discuss the biggest award given out that weekend. (In my opinion.  Yours might be different.)

So, for lack of anything better, I’m going to give you a Top 10 List.  Enjoy!

(I lied. It’s not really a Top 10 List.  It’s just a list of 10 things.)

The Answers to 10 Questions I Asked or Answered on January 27, 2011 (No, I’m not going to tell you the questions — where’s the fun in that?):

1.  Mango Languages! As long as you have a library card, you can access the database and learn tons of different languages.  It’s really easy to use.

2.  No, sorry, not Lithuanian.  How about Farsi?

3. 6:00 Monday through Thursday, 5:00 on Saturdays.

4.  Picture books are designed for adults to read to children, Readers are designed for beginning readers to read to themselves.

5.  Down the stairs and to the right, at the end of the hall.

6.  Yes, we do have a tombstone in the library!  Come on in on Saturday and you can take a look — we’ll find you some books on the occult, too.

7.  We do have the 1040, but the booklets haven’t come in yet.  If you’re looking for other tax forms, we can help you find them online.

8.  No, sorry, I can’t tell you which tax form to fill out.

9.  Yeah, let’s have a Teen Wii program on February 23rd.

10.  You could try using peanut butter, but I don’t know what that would do to the computer screen.

As you can see, my days are way less teen-oriented then they used to be — but I’ll say one thing for life back in a Branch Library: It’s NEVER boring!


CLP – Lawrenceville

2 Responses

  1. You’ll love Ship Breaker.

  2. […] This Book Wrecked Me. But I Loved It. Posted on April 19, 2011 by andertonh Call it my secret pity party  escape.  I can’t get enough of books in which everyone is miserable and angsty.   So when I picked up this book, which was also a Morris Award winner, as mentioned by Karen in a previous post: […]

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