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Groundhog Day 2011

I always have a hard time remembering what the heck the Groundhog is supposed to see and whether or not that means Spring is coming.  I tried explaining this to my 3 year old daughter this morning and ended up confusing her miserably. Poor thing.

Fortunately for her, Mommy is a librarian and has spent years honing her research skills.

So I Googled it. Apparently, Phil did not see his shadow this morning so spring is near!


I got this information from The Official Website of the Punxutawney Groundhog Club.

And there is so much more to learn about this fascinating weather predicting groundhog!

Apparently, according the website, Phil is the only true weathering forecasting and he has lived a very long life. There has been only one Phil and he has survived this long because he drinks “groundhog punch” that keeps him going.

Okay, I’m not buying that. I don’t think my 3 year old would either. 

Apparently this is Phil’s 125th prediction. A 125+ year old groundhog predicting the weather? Really?

Also, according to the site, Phil is never wrong. He predicts the arrival of spring with 100% accuracy.

That’s amazing! Well, I like his prediction this year so I’m going to stand behind this groundhog and his weather forecasting.

Bring on Spring!

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