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Revolt: North Africa and Beyond

(Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

So, perhaps you’ve heard about what’s going on in North Africa.  Government protests started in Tunisia and then spread to  Egypt, where the president resigned.   And now Yemen, Iran, Bahrain, and Algeria are experiencing rumblings of revolution.

The American media has overwhelmingly focused on the story in Egypt, largely leaving the rest of the countries out of it.  I find it interesting to get perspectives from other parts of the world.  What are they writing about Algeria in India?  What travel restrictions are there for Tunisia?  How are the revolutions in North Africa affecting Italy? Getting a global perspective helps put news in context, and offers more in-depth coverage of the connections between all of these countries.

Below I offer a wide sampling of both national and international  news and reference sources.  From specific news stories to broad country overviews,  this will help you get started on your own quest to piece together an understanding of complex news stories.







What did I miss?  Please let us know in the comments.

(Of course, I wouldn’t be a proper librarian if I didn’t remind you that the library has tons of resources, both print and online, about the countries experiencing civil unrest.)

Holly, CLP-Main

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