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It’s kind of slow at the library today.  I don’t know about you, but I have a much harder time motivating myself to do anything when I’m not busy — it’s like, if I’m busy doing one thing I have the momentum to stay busy all day long, but if I have lag time I just keep lagging.  So, I’m having a hard time keeping moving today.

Not that I haven’t done lots of work, of course.

But one of the things I had a hard time motivating myself to do was write a blog post.  Once again, I found myself, mid-afternoon, with nothing to write about.  So I went looking for ideas, and found a really cool article in The Guardian about teen bloggers.

Now, I read a lot of blogs.  Mostly book review blogs (I’m having a sense of deja vu — have I written on this topic before?), but also plenty of blogs about cute or silly animals, messed up baked goods, cooking good food, and miscellaneous snarkiness.  But I’m always looking for new ways to waste time discover new information.  And not only did this article give me new blogs to read, it also gave me something to write about today!  I checked out some of the blogs profiled, and here are some thoughts:

According to the article, Tavi Williams is the “Queen of Teen Bloggers.”  She’s certainly one of the best known.  I’ve been reading her “Style Rookie” blog off and on for several years — I’m not exactly a fashionable person, but Tavi has a knack for explaining why something looks good in a way that even I can understand.  She’s also incredibly self-assured and a really incredible writer.  I’d say it’s hard to believe she’s only fourteen, but I’ve worked with an awful lot of amazing fourteen-year-olds in my career thus far, so I know it’s totally believable.

fbomb is a blog created by a 16-year-old feminist from Ohio who was sick of the teen viewpoint not being expressed in mainstream media.  I’m really looking forward to reading more of what she has to say.

I mentioned that I like cooking blogs, right?  Well, how about Foodie At Fifteen (Now 18)?  Based on a quick skim of a few pages of posts, it’s the blog of a pretty regular high school kid, worried about college and school work, who is also food obsessed in an incredibly positive way.  He posts tutorials about making pasta, recipes, anecdotes about his job as an apprentice in a restaurant.  This one is definitely getting added to my reader.

So, go check out the article.  There are several other blogs profiled that also sound pretty fantastic.  And let me know — what blogs do YOU read that I should add to my reader?


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