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Craving Potato Chips

I was craving potato chips the other night, and didn’t feel like going out to get some.  I googled ‘potato chip recipes’ and found out that you can make potato chips in the microwave!  What a wonderful thing.  I tried them and they were great!  Below is the link, along with other easy recipes to try when you’re  in the mood for a snack. 

 Please, if you happen to try one of the recipes, leave a comment letting me know how it turned out. 

I think I’ll try “Banana Nice Cream” next. 

The library has some books you can use to find more recipes.  Try one of these.

Real Food Real Fast – By Sam Stern

If you don’t have time to whip something up, this book still can help.  It has recipes that can be made in as little as 5 , 10 or 15 minutes.  There are also recipes for family meals, if you feel like cooking for your friends and family that is. 

   Eat Fresh Food – By Rozanne Gold

  Besides the tradtional “Salads” and “Deserts” sections, this book has a “Sandwiches, Burgers & Pizza” section.  It won me over with the that section.

Teens Cook: how to cook what you want to eat – Megan Carle and Jill Carle

Do you need to make a meal just for yourself?  This book has a whole section dedicated to “Dinners For One” .  If you’d like to cook a meal for your whole family, there’s a “Family Meals” section as well. 

  Big Snacks Little Meals – Rose Dunnington

 This book isn’t just snacks.  It has everything from Breakfast to Dinners and Deserts.  There’s a recipe for Noodle Kugel.  I love Noodle Kugel.  Yum.

   Munchie Madness: vegetarian meals for teens – by Dorothy Bates

 A great book for someone thinking about becoming a vegetarian.  Recipes for not only snacks, but meals as well.  A good number of the recipes are vegan.  It also gives information on vegetarianism and some other resources.

  The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook – By Judy Krizmanic

 Lots of recipes and tips for new vegetarians.  One thing I liked about this book is that the recipes can also be made vegan, it’s your choice. 

~Kim – Squirrel Hill

5 Responses

  1. I’d like to try this in the toaster oven. Most excellent!

  2. Oh, never thought about trying them in a toaster oven. Please let me know how they turned out.

  3. EAT Fresh Food sounds interesting! I think I’m going to find that book.

  4. Yum potato chips!

  5. […] These days I’m trying to make up for lost time by cooking as much as I can.   Cook books are obviously a terrific resource… see some highlighted by Kim a few weeks ago here. […]

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