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One of our teen volunteers is here to share his thoughts on one of his favorite sports, basketball:

Basketball is a great sport to play. It is a fun and pretty simple game. You can play by yourself or with friends. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest to be good either. You just play until you get better and better. I started to play basketball when I was in the sixth grade. I was a big football person until I switched schools and started playing basketball with the new friends I made. After that I started to go to a recreation center called Magee which was about five minutes away from my middle school so I went there just about every day.

When I started to like basketball more I studied some of my favorite players and did things they did to get better. Some of those people were LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Watching them made me much better because they already made it to the highest level of basketball and knew what to do to get there and stay there, so me watching them could help me to get where their at. The things I watched from them were the type of workouts they did and the types of drills they did.  

Now I don’t know of a lot of places you can play for free except for the place I go, and other city park recreation centers. Not all of these city park basketball courts are in the best condition such as the floors are slippery or the balls we receive to play with are not the best. So I think more courts were you can play without a membership should be set up. Not for just playing basketball but it will keep the youth off the streets from doing anything bad. To sum this up, if you start to play on a regular basis, try out for your school. And if you don’t make the team it’s okay because the greatest basketball player ever did not make his high school team the first time he tried out.

 So if you work hard, go hard, and play hard you can be the next big thing, not just at basketball but at anything you choose!       

-Juwan L.

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  1. i love basketball too.

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