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Marcellus Shale drilling in Western, PA

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. But what is it!? Doesn’t it seem like the news is great at “breaking” a story, but really bad at explaining what it’s all about? Well, that’s what your friends at the library are for!

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA):

Shale gas refers to natural gas that is trapped within shale formations. Shales are fine-grained sedimentary rocks that can be rich sources of petroleum and natural gas. Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has allowed access to large volumes of shale gas that were previously uneconomical to produce. The production of natural gas from shale formations has rejuvenated the natural gas industry in the United States.

Still confused? Well, The Carnegie Science Center is going to help you out. They’re offering a Marcellus Shale Geology Talk next Thursday the 24th from 7-9pm. It says the talk is geared toward adults, but come on! You’re smart, curious, and a member of society, so check it out! : )

Want to learn more about the Marcellus Shale and the act of hydraulic fracturing (fracking)?

Marcellus Shale info from Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
Shale info from U.S. Energy Information Administration
Gasland – an Oscar nominated documentary about the possible perils of “fracking” and the gas industry gone wild.

Any questions? Please leave a comment and let us know!

CLP, Main

Spring (Fashion) is here!

Spring!  Bird are singing, flowers are blooming, and your wardrobe is welcoming the change from bulky sweaters to light t shirts.

To find out what’s new for this season, you can always check with the mothership, Vogue to see what’s going on.  You can also  find a local fashion voice on the Post-Gazette website.  They claim that orange will be big, as well as shiny, jewel tones.


Looking for something a little more avant-garde?  There are a ton of good, global street fashion blogs. Check out The Locals, which features street styles in Copenhagen, photographed by an Icelandic photag.  Street Peeper collects photos of amazing fashion from all over the world, from New York to Jakarta.   Style Scout is London-based, and offers up more unique (less Prada and Versace, more thrift store) fashion plates from London sidewalks.

You can always go your own way.  ReadyMade is a great place to start looking for ideas outside of the fashion box.

Or, you can try out looks online before sporting them on the street.

At Polyvore, you can sign up for a free account, and sift through thousands and thousands of clothes, jewelry, bags, and shoes.   You get a blank template to create outfits and collections.  I pieced together this little simple outfit in about 5 minutes. Of course, I’m not actually going to buy these things.  But it was fun nonetheless.

And the library has tons of fashion books to inspire you, starting with the New York Look Book.  Click on the covers below to check our catalog for these titles.




Here’s to welcoming spring with a fresh, new look!



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