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What’s your talent?

So what are you really good at?
Everyone has something they just RULE at, so what’s your thing?

Eating an entire box of cereal in one sitting?

Obviously some of these things might turn into a future career or hobby, while others might lead to a stomach ache.  It doesn’t matter though because that feeling you get when you know you’re just really good at something is pretty amazing.

The other great thing is that everyone is good at something.  It might get you lots of attention like having an awesome singing voice, or being the fastest on the field.  Or it might not get noticed at all.  Either way, you know you rock!  If you haven’t figured out yet at least one amazing skill you have, don’t worry.  It will come.  And keep working at those things that you just plain like because being awesome usually takes practice.

For me I knew pretty early on that I was kind of good at writing.  It just felt good to do.  Some people talk about a runner’s high, well I got writer’s high instead.  There was something invigorating about it.    When things were just flowing, and I knew what I wanted to say and the words just came.  I never wanted to stop.  I even got teased for my love of words in elementary school.  They called me “Miss Vocabulary.”  I was not cool.  It seems silly now, but at the time I hated it.  They wanted me to be ashamed of what I was good at but even then I knew that being good at words would prove helpful later on.

If you aren’t quite sure yet what you rock at, pick something you love to do and scope out the Non Fiction collection at your library.  It’s full of books on any topic you can think of.  So check something out and start getting awesome.

Want a real runner’s high?  Check out Runner’s World Magazine.

Want to hone your budding cooking skills?  Check out one of hundreds of cookbooks.

Want to finally tackle that comic you’ve been thinking of drawing?  We have books on that too!

Or if like me, writing is your thing check out any of these books to fine tune your submission for contest like the awesome and upcoming Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest.

Plus so many more!


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