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Teen review: Flobots – Fight With Tools

Happy Monday, Teensburgh. Today, we’ve got another review from Isaiah. If you’re a middle or high school student interested in writing reviews, email teens@carnegielibrary.org and let us know!

Hello again everyone, my name is Isaiah and I review Comics, Manga, books, CD’s, and any other strange thing I happen to stumble upon. Today I will be reviewing the CD Fight With Tools by Flobots, let’s jump right into this.

I feel that I may not give this CD justice unless I give you a track by track review.

We open up with a track called There’s a War Going On for Your Mind. As soon as it begins you can tell there’s something different about this group as they almost speak over the violins as the drums slowly roll in. Just listening to these lyrics makes me want to continue listening to the CD, and the way that they almost perfectly flow onto the soft beat makes the poem of sorts a perfect beginning for this disk.

The next song is one called Mayday!!! which is a little more of a jam than the last one. The powerful lyrics are still there, just performed a little differently. In this track the violins almost make the track–those plus the energy that the  rappers are putting out, and the soft singing in the background simply makes a very good track.

The next track is one titled Same Thing. For me this is one of the best tracks on the album. The rappers keep their educated lines while adding a light-hearted feel to it because of the music. We can see this in the first line,

Somewhere between prayer and revolution/between Jesus and Huey P. Newton/that’s where you find Jonny 5 shoot shootin’/water guns at the audience while ya scootin’.

This song not only features the almost flawless rapping of the Flobots but there is some singing thrown in there that definitely adds to the song.

The next song is a track titled Stand Up. When this starts you instantly feel a more serious tone than the last song. As it plays you have no choice but to not only listen to the lyrics but also jam a little as well. The way that they incorporate the drums is perfect, if I may say so myself.

The next track is named after the album, Fight With Tools. I wouldn’t say that this is the best song on the album, but I really dig the chorus of this one.

The next song is the single titled Handlebars. I really dig the beat of this song. For me it was far from the best, but it does make you want to check out the rest of the album.

Next is a song called Never Had It. For me this song adds a very nice balance to the album; it has a lot more singing than the others and it has a very soothing feel to it.

After this, we have, in my opinion, the biggest jam of the entire album – Combat. It opens with them repeatedly saying, “Don’t know a beat that can keep you lonely.” Which I think is an extremely cool line by itself. When the drums come in it makes the song even cooler–this is a very fun song.

Next is The Rhythm Method (Move!). This is an extremely cool song, and its method is simply saying let the music move you in any way that works for you. To me, it’s hard to listen to this song without jamming a little. The next track is one called Anne Braden. This song is more about the lyrics than jamming even though it’s hard not to. I truly enjoy listening to these lyrics because they are so thought-provoking that you think something different every time.

After this, we have  our second to last track We are Winning which has a little different feel than the other songs on this album. In an extremely good way, to me this has a perfect balance of lyrics and jamming ability.

Our final song on this album is called Rise. Rise is a fun way to end the album and is always fun to listen to. To me it’s one of the best songs of the albums.

This album gets a 9/10 from me because of the thought-provoking lyrics, the fun jams, and unique and original songs. This definitely is not one to pass up, if you get a chance check it out at the library and see if you agree with me.

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