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Teen review: Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

Hello again,

Hello again all. My name is Isaiah and I review manga, comics, CD’s or anything else I find that seems interesting, today I will be reviewing the manga Claymore vol. 1.

Claymore has been continually recommended to me by many but never had the opportunity to check it out. Now that I have, let’s get right into this one.

I first start off by reading the back of the book as always, in short it says, that there are these monsters called Yoma, they eat humans and live among them in disguise. The only beings strong enough to fight these monsters are called Claymores, which are half human and half Yoma monster. Seems pretty solid to me.

The book starts off in a town where one more person has just been found dead by the Yoma, soon after, the Claymore arrives. The Claymore isn’t the generic loud-mouth manga character which I think is pretty cool . I won’t really continue with the plot summary because I may give some away, which I don’t want.

This book is actually pretty easy to follow, not too much ridiculous back-story to cope with, making it a pretty smooth read. The art isn’t always the best at times but the details put into the Claymores uniform and other places really adds to it. I think the action was really solid in this book. The fighting was always quick, crisp, and did not get repetitive. As of right now I’m really digging the story too. There is a sort of freelance feel to it, which I think is always fun. The only problem I have with this as of right now is the lack of comedy. I feel that the lack of comedy may make the book seem to drag on a little. So I’ll give Claymore an 8/10 for nice art, cool story, and original concept.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing the Strokes album, First Impressions of Earth.

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