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Nursing a New Found Love…

So, I’m a little nervous to tell you this, but… here it goes.  Ever since this winter, I’ve been nursing a new found love of classical music.  Call me a nerd, a dork, whatever.  I embrace my nerdiness and I love classical music!  I mean, c’mon, how could you not love this?!?

Vivaldi’s Spring. The violins sound like bubbling streams!  The violas!  The flutes twitter along like little birds back from warmer climes! The cellos!  It just gives me chills thinking about it!  So, so good.

You’re probably thinking….yeah RIGHT!  Classical music is for loooosers.  Well, like I said, don’t care!  However, I would like to share with you some of the websites that I’ve used to nurse this classical music habit I’ve developed, sites you can use to research and explore your own musical tastes.

After you search for an artist and find them on Allmusic.com it gives you biographical information (I’ll admit – not so interesting for Vivaldi, but Lady Gaga?  Much more of a fun read), discography, and awards and charts.  The best part is the section down below titled, Similar Artists, this is where you’ll find some more music in whatever genre you’re into.

Tune Glue will create an “audio map” based on the artist you search for.  When I put in “Lady Gaga,” and choose “expand”  it will create a web of similar artists, including Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Ke$ha.

Tune Glue gets it’s information from Amazon and Lastfm, a streaming music site that allows you to personalize your own radio stations.    Pandora is another customizable streaming music site that I’ve found pretty great to use as background music in my office, or while I’m cooking dinner.

When I’m listening to one of these streaming sites, and love a track, I’ll mark it with a heart, or jot down the artist, head over to the library catalog and do a quick author search (Last Name, First Name) and place a hold on the CD!

If you want more recommendations, there’s always a friendly librarian just waiting to help you out, or you could browse your library’s collection when you’re there, or visit the Music Department at CLP – Main!

Have fun jammin’, friends!

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