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Collecting Stuff

Most people that I know have, at one time or another during their lives, collected something.  My brother collected stamps and baseball cards when he was younger.  Now, he collects all of the ticket stubs from baseball and football games, concerts and other events that he has attended.  His collection is like a personal time capsule .  One of my friends collects key chains from all over the country.   She picks them up when she travels and a lot of her friends bring back key chains for her when they go on vacation.  She has over 200 key chains in her collection.  I collect snow globes.  I have big ones and tiny ones.  Only some of them have “snow” inside.  Many have glitter and other objects that float around when shaken. I have one from Key West that has blue glitter and sea shells.  One of my Steeler globes has floating footballs and goal posts. Pittsburgh Snow Globe

People have been collecting things since ancient times.  Common collectibles include action figures, autographs, books, coins, dolls, movie posters, postcards, sports memorabilia, stamps and toys. 

One of the most famous collectors was Andy Warhol.  He collected all kinds of things including cookie jars.  He created Time Capsules to organize some of his “stuff”. 

So, what do you collect?  Vintage clothing?  Records?  Band and concert t-shirts?  I’d love to hear about your collections. 


One Response

  1. I also collect tickets from sporting events and concerts, but a more unique item is decks of playing cards. They’re often sold in gift shops so I tend to get them while on vacation, but I have regular packs too.

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