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Digging on a new blog: Spencer Tweedy

Have you heard of Wilco? They’re an indie-rock band with a dedicated following. I’m neutral on their music but feel an affinity for Jeff Tweedy, the singer, because he’s a fellow migraineur.  You can familiarize yourself with them at the Rolling Stone site.


Last week I read an interview with Tweedy’s son, Spencer Tweedy. He’s 14 right now and has a really great blog.

He started it when he was 12.  In the interview he describes his inspiration:

“I got the idea of combining my then-budding love for writing with that of tinkering, and a blog seemed like the perfect thing for that. I had pretty avaricious goals in terms of what it would be (besides an expression outlet). The only things I wrote back then were either for school, or reviews of things. I thought people would read them, and the little Google AdSense box would make me millions. So my initial goal was definitely ‘child entrepreneur.’”

Like any blog worth reading, it’s a mix of links, thoughtful posts, and as a bonus, his photography.  I always love to see teenagers presenting themselves in a clear, critical way outside of the world of school assignments.  

For example, here’s Spencer talking about digital vs. “traditional” media:

“The digital era is changing how we make things and how we consume things. Usually, this is really “where we store things” and “with what we consume things.” It’s all there. It’s just 1’s and 0’s. And that is the scary part. We can relate to real stuff because, surprise: we’re made out of the exact same stuff! That book is a book and I am a person and we are both made out of matter. The particles on the magnetic tape that you recorded the song with that I am listening to on a vinyl record are made out of matter and I am, too. That picture is a bunch of colorful dots made out of matter and so am I. ”

But mostly it’s a lot of great pictures, quotes, and occasional songs from his band.

Check it out, and take the time to express yourself.  Maybe enter a piece of writing in the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest for a chance to win money and/or get your work published in a book that will be available to all on our library shelves. The deadline is May 21st.

You can also check out some stuff by/about Wilco, too:

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco

A Ghost is Born

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (got a perfect rating on Pitchfork)

And more

– Tessa (CLP-East Liberty)

One Response

  1. “As awesome as making is, the older you get, the more frustrating all these itches become (I think). Especially when you go to this thing everyday where you sit in a chair for seven hours and learn knowledge that isn’t and/or won’t be relevant to your life. Or at the very worst, doesn’t interest you. Many of you grownups out there have the same thing, except knowledge is Excel and it is almost always at “the very worst”—uninteresting. Still, all that chair-sitting does not leave too much time for itching.”

    Awesome. I believe I’ll link to young Master Tweedy’s blog here on CLPTeensburgh. Thanks, Tessa!

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