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Get Crafty

We’ve had quite a few rainy afternoons lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of crafty things.  But sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas, so I thought I’d share a few sources of inspiration.

Whenever I get interested in something new, I like to add a bunch of RSS feeds to my Google Reader.  I start with a couple of the most popular, and over time, I pick up any interesting blogs they link to.  Some of the first crafty blogs I found were:

These three are packed with cheap and easy, but super creative, ideas. They pass along a lot of neat projects submitted by readers, and from other people’s blogs.  And each one has a community forum, where you can ask questions and share your own projects.

Of course, the library also has piles of crafty books.  I like grabbing a big stack and spending a half an hour or more flipping through them, flagging potential projects with a post-it note.  Then I photocopy or take notes on the projects I like.  If you want to try this, you can browse the TT section of the nonfiction books (don’t forget the second floor and oversize nonfiction, if you’re at the Main library in Oakland).  Or you can do a keyword search for “handicraft,” which is one of the specific terms our catalog uses.

Good books can often lead to other books, or even back to the internet.  By ransacking our stacks, I’ve discovered that I’m a big fan of all of Mark Montano’s books, and I also subscribed to his blog.  He has hundreds of relatively easy projects that can make a huge impact, such as his Boom! wall art.

(Side note – keep in mind you never have to make a project exactly according to the instructions.  If you’re not into explosions and army men, you could use a flower print with an inspirational quote, and wire some silk butterflies to it.  The more you exercise your imagination like this, the easier it gets.)

If you want more inspiration, or you want to share your love of crafts with like-minded people, visit the Teen Art Club at Main.  And check with your local branch, because they probably have their own crafty events, or might be willing to schedule some.

Do you have a favorite source of crafty inspiration?  Have you designed any projects of your own?  Let us know in the comments!


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  1. […] spring, I blogged about getting crafty, and shared some of my favorite sources of inspiration.  Since we’re headed into that winter […]

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