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The Fox Is Black – The Desktop Wallpaper Project

There are certain things about computers and their operating systems that most of us have been conditioned to just accept–boring screensavers, generic desktop wallpapers, everything about Windows–but now you can check one of those off. The Fox Is Black is a great art/design website featuring the wonderful Desktop Wallpaper Project.

If you’re like me, you enjoy prettying up your PC/laptop/phone with a nice custom wallpaper. The tricky part about doing this yourself is that most images found on the web aren’t made to fit the dimensions of your preferred computing device. That’s why the Destop Wallpaper Project is so great–all of the featured artwork (by myriad contemporary artists) is custom-made to fit a bunch of screen resolutions: 1280 X 800, 1440 X 900, 1680 X 10501920 X 1200, 2560 X 1440, as well as custom images to fit your iPod and iPad screens!

Bobby Solomon (creator of The Fox Is Black) has this to say about the project:

I decided to write all of my favorite artists and designers, many of which you’ve seen featured on this blog, and see if they’d contribute a wallpaper. As it turns out, my favorite artists and designers happen to be some of the nicest people out there, and so many of them were more than happy to help and be a part of this project.

Very cool. So, without further ado, here are a few–very small versions–of the wallpapers available on the site. (For the full size, click on the picture link and check it out for yourself!):

This one is by artist Ben Newman. Bobby Solomon says, “I love his style for his use of bold, geometric shapes and punchy colors. Some people have compared his work to Charley Harper, which I think is a perfect compliment for him.”

This next image is a promotion for the band Broken Social Scene by artist Matias Palacios-Hardy. The artist says, “This wallpaper is an illustration about the misconceptions of being a successful musician. Broken Social Scene is a successful Canadian band. And being a successful Canadian band is not the same as being a successful American band.”

Lisa Congdon is a great contemporary artist whose work is available to view on her blog A Collection a Day. This one features a collection of ordinary tags, collected and (suddenly) beautiful and diverse.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Corey Thompson’s incredible ballin’ T-Rex. This illustration leaves me speechless. If you feel the same way, I suggest you simply allow it to wash over you with its stupendous absurdity.

On this Friday, I am grateful for the Internet and the wonderful art projects that have multiplied like bunny rabbits under its protective umbrella of possibility. I hope you enjoy The Fox Is Black and the wonderful Desktop Wallpaper Project!

Corey, CLP – Main (who currently has THIS ONE as his wallpaper)

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