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Design challenged? This is the post for you!

I recently moved into a new apartment and am super duper excited about it.  This is not my apartment, but an example of what I would like it to look like after I decorate:

It’s sunnier, bigger, and just all around better than my last place.  I spent this Monday and Tuesday unpacking boxes, jammin’ to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill (an album I recently re-discovered, and still remember every word to – just like my 13 year old self did) and other such albums that I can only listen to when my husband is not around.

As my possessions have piled up around me, blissfully free of boxes but still without a place to call their own, I’m realizing two things:

1.  I need to seriously scout out some local thrift stores for some additional furniture.

2.  I really don’t have any interior design skills, at all.

Luckily, I have a friend who’s a designer.  Unluckily, she’s on tour right now, wrocking out to The Whomping Willows and friends:

(who, BTW, will be playing in front of the Main Library on July 29th).

So, where’s a librarian to turn?  You saw this coming…..THE LIBRARY!

So, whether you’re moving to a new dorm in the fall or just need to revamp your space for the summer, check out one of these terrific books to get an expert opinion.

Undecorate: The No Rules Approach to Interior Design

Tradition get you down?  Check out this book for some   real out of the box imaginative design ideas!

I Wanna Re-Do My Room

Only have the supplies in your craft cupboard to work with?  It’s cool, check out this title for some funky ideas on a low budget!

Essential Color: The Back to Basics Home Design, Decoration & Furnishing

Have issues with color choice?  This is the guide for you!

LeeAnn Anna

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