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Cycling in PGH, or: I want to (safely) ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like
– “Bicycle Race” by Queen

Ah yes, the bicycle, pinnacle of engineering practicality–fun to ride, a great mode of transportation, and pretty as a peach. “Riding bikes” was a mega-important part of my childhood. Growing up in Bedford, PA, my friends and I would ride our 10-speed mountain bikes through hilly apple orchards, on wooded paths (more commonly trod by deer than people), and along country roads where traffic was sparse.

Funny then that I went years without riding a bike. All throughout college I walked or rode the bus. Eventually, I got a car, but still preferred to walk our city when driving wasn’t necessary. Getting a new bike for commuting (and just for fun) always crossed my mind, but I never took the leap.

I admit that I was a little afraid to ride a bike in the city. There are many stories of road rage directed toward cyclists that are hard to erase from your mind (two area doctors were severely injured this Memorial Day when a hit-and-run accident occurred on Butler Street). That and I was certain I’d make a mistake one day and get flattened by a city bus.

But things are changing. Wonderful organizations like Bike Pittsburgh are here to advocate for cyclists. Their efforts have gone a long way toward making Pittsburgh a more bike-friendly city. Bike lanes and handy bike racks are popping up all around town, making it safer and easier to ride Pittsburgh. (There is even talk of bike-sharing coming to Pittsburgh!)

It’s because of these changes (and the fact that I missed riding around on two wheels) that I recently bought a great little commuter bike:

So, don’t be afraid to ride your bike in the city–just be smart and be safe. Read Bike Pittsburgh’s safety guide and Pennsylvania’s state bike laws, too. You can even plan out your route with an amazing map created for BikePGH by DeepLocal.

And if you’re looking for bike shops, clubs, rentals and other resources, just check out BikePGH’s resources page.

Happy peddling!

– Corey, Digital Learning Librarian

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