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Who are you?

female writing in journal

Keeping a journal could help you answer that question.

A  journal is a written record of your thoughts, feelings, observations and experiences.

“The word journal comes from the French word, jour, meaning ‘the day’.  Similarly, the English word diary is taken from the Latin word for ‘daily’.  Originally, a journey referred to how far a person could travel in a single day.  Therefore, a journal reflected someone’s written account for his or her day.  A journal and a diary are the same thing, though journal is currently the more popular term.” ~Trudi Strain Trueit, author of Keeping a Journal.

According to Lucia Capacchione, author of The Creative Journal for Teens, keeping a journal could help you:

  • express your thoughts and feelings
  • communicate in words and pictures
  • become more observant
  • know and like yourself better
  • appreciate your experiences better
  • use your imagination and talents

There are no rules or set standards for journal writing.

A journal can be a notebook filled with poetry and stories.

A journal can be a sketchbook filled with drawings and doodles.

In a journal, you can use words, drawings, photographs, mementos and even video or audio to record your life story.

In lieu of rules for journal writing, here are some helpful hints to help you get started:

    • Be yourself
    • Date your entries.  “A journal is a great way to remember what you thought and did from day-to-day and from year to year.  Keeping a chronological record of your life allows you to go back and review your personal history” says Trudi Strain Trueit.
    • Your journal is yours–it becomes a part of you.  “You can reveal your deepest secrets and darkest emotions, your greatest disappointments and wildest dreams.  You can vent your frustrations.”  (Trueit, p. 8).
    • Express yourself.  Decorate your journal with glitter, stamp art and stickers if you wish.  Include postcards, ticket stubs and pictures from magazines as part of your creative journal.

Find some decorating ideas at Shaynie’s blog Journaling Journey’sIf you are not sure about what to write about; try some journal writing prompts:

  • I am counting the days until….
  • I saw a falling star.  I wish for…
  • Sunshine makes me feel like…
  • The greatest summer ever….
  • The best month of the year….

Learn more about journal writing:

Who Are You?  Journaling Workshop

Friday, August 5, 2011 2:00-3:30 PM @ CLP–Mt. Washington

For more books see:  Creative Writing  and Diaries–Authorship


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  1. I was just checking out my stats from my blog Journaling Journeys, and I saw that you had done a post mentioning me. 😉 Thank you very much; I am glad I inspired someone. 😉

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