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Just kickin’ it

They go by lots of names:sneaks, trainers, kicks or tennies and just about everyone has a pair.  You may use them to mow the lawn, to keep in shape, or to show your style; but did you know some people take shoes to a whole different level?

Sneakerheads, the name given to people who own and purchase sneakers for the purpose of collecting them, are a part of a collecting subculture that’s been active since the 80s.  Starting with the influence of Hip Hop style and the appearance of more stylish sneakers in sports like Basketball and Skateboarding the hobby of “Sneakerology” or Sneaker Collecting was born.

Brands like Nike’s Air Jordan’s,  Air Force Ones and Reebok Pumps are among the most collectible styles going for $1000s a pair but many Sneakerheads collect whatever styles move them.  Just like any collector, Sneaker collectors look for the rarest sneakers to add to their collection.  Shoes that are in perfect condition from a store or other seller might fit into a collection and many shoe companies now make customized shoes for buyers in specific colors and styles.  Many Sneaker collectors NEVER EVER wear their shoes.
The Internet is a great resource for Sneaker Collectors.  With websites, blogs, and guides readily available, anyone can learn more about collecting shoes.  Here are only a few to get you started:


Sole Collector

Sole Survivor Detroit


Sneaker Maniac

If you want to get a look at some really crazy Sneaker creativity check out these books at the library.

Or if you’d like to get a first hand look at some of the most sought after shoes out there check out the Sneaker Museum.

There’s even a  film featuring Sneakerheads who are famous, or fanatical, or both.  And if you’re really interested in turning your passion into a career try and reinstate this course in Sneakerology at Carnegie Mellon University.

-Brooke, South Side/Allegheny

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