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Rain Rain Go Away, or…Not?

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Ellison

In checking the weather report for this week, one can’t help but notice the stormy weather headed our way.  I have always been simply fascinated by storms, glued to my living room window, watching the rain fall and the wind blow everything around.  Though, sometimes storms can put a *ahem* damper on my day, for sure.  For instance, this week I’m starting a new walking in the woods every day regimen, and this rain makes we want to do anything BUT that.  So, I decided to find some rainy day fun facts, to lighten my mood, and luckily you will benefit from this urge of mine!

Did you know….

  • Thunderstorms are created by cloud growths that can reach up to 50,000 feet in height!  (Buckley, Hopkins, and Whitaker, 116)
  • The most crazy tornado in America took place in 1925, traveled at 62 miles an hour, killed 695 people, and injured 2,000 people, and destroyed 15,000 homes across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana!  (Gaffney, 19)
  • There are three types of lightning: cloud to air, cloud to cloud, and cloud to ground. (Buckley, Hopkins, and Whitaker, 120)
  • The odds that you will ever be hit by lightning are one in 5,000!  Though, lightning does kill an average of 62 people in the US every year! (Gaffney, 19)
  • Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from where it’s raining! So if you can hear thunder, you’re within striking distance, so keep yourself safe by staying indoors and not using corded phones, computers, and stay away from pools, tubs, and showers. (Gaffney, 74)

Now, I know those facts were a little lightning heavy so here’s a shocking lil video that will enlighten you a bit. Do you think it’s real or doctored?

– LeeAnn Anna, Teen Services

Works Cited

Gaffney, Timothy R. Storm Scientist: Careers Chasing Severe Weather. Berkley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2010.

Buckley, Bruce, Edward J. Hopkins and Richard Whitaker. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2004.Weather: A Visual Guide 

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