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Wasting Time on the Interwebs

la la la, i have nothing to write about, la la la…Oh! Hi! What are you doing there?  Keep on moving…nothing to see here…

Shoot. You’re not moving.  I guess I really do need to come up with something.

Oh, I know! I’ll use this blog post to solicit ideas of new ways to waste time on the internet!  I have a bunch of perfectly effective time wasters already (some of which have associated books, to make this post more library-oriented):

The Pioneer Woman:  Ree Drummond writes about her life on a cattle ranch.  She also cooks really amazing food and shares the recipes with the world.  She’s generally a pretty funny lady, and on a good day I can waste about half and hour on her blog.  She’s also written a few cookbooks and a memoir about how she met her cattle rancher husband.  She’s real funny.  Also pretty.

Regretsy.  Dear, sweet, regretsy.  Which regularly makes me laugh so hard soda comes out my nose.  It’s a little mean, sometimes…I mean, the people who post things to Etsy do not do so hoping that someone will come along and make fun of them.  Except for sometimes they do, but that’s not the norm.  But seriously? So funny.  Soda.  Nose.

  I Can Has Cheezburger.  Do you need me to explain this one?  It’s cute/silly animals, mostly cats, with funny captions.  What?  Go look for yourself.  There’s also the sister site, “I Has a Hotdog.”

So, there you have three of my favorites.  There are others, of course: Passive Aggressive Notes, Dear Blank, Please Blank…but I’m curious: What are YOUR favorite ways to waste time on the internet?


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