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Finding another favorite author

Even though I enjoy reading novels of all types, my favorite kind of story involves relationships.  I love reading realistic fiction about families and friends.  I love finding an author that I previously didn’t know about that engages me with a story so vivid and so touching, that it makes me want to read all of their books. Dana Reinhardt is my new favorite author. 

I recently listened to the audio edition  of the book The Summer I Learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt.  The audio-book is narrated by Shannon McManus

Meet 13-year-old Drew Robin Solo.  She lives with her Mom.  Her father died when she was just 3 years old and she never really knew him.  Her mom owns a cheese shop and Drew spends a lot of time there.  She’s become close with Nick, a “surfer dude” and Swoozie, a woman her mother’s age, who both work at the shop. 

Drew does have a few friends her own age, but they will be away for  the summer.  “This summer I would get a taste of friendlessness.”  “Anyway, I still had Swoozie.  I still had Nick.  I still had Hum.”  Hum is Drew’s pet rat:  “His Excellency the Lord High Rat Humboldt Fog”. 

One day, while looking in her mother’s closet for a shawl, Drew finds a notebook.  It was a book of lists from her father:  likes, dislikes, fears, regrets…Drew reads the lists over and over. 

Thanks to Hum, she also meets a mysterious boy, Emmett Crane.  How can you describe the most meaningful friendship of your life?  With Emmett at her side, Drew receives gifts from Hum and her father. 

Find all of Dana Reinhardt’s books @ your library.

~Marian  CLP–Mt. Washington

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