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Dorito Inventor Dies – Dorito Sandwich Eaten to Honor the Deceased.

Greetings, Pittsburgh Teens!  I’m blogging live from the Pennsylvania Library Association’s conference in sunny State College, PA!  While away from home, I tend to eat too much “road food,” such as cajun fries with ranch dressing, milk shakes, and onion rings.  So in the spirt of eating junky road food, I present this collection of short tales of  not-so-good-for-you-but-can-be-hard-to-resist foods, and junk food for thought.

The inventor of Doritos, Arch West, recently passed away, and Doritos were sprinkled on his grave.  One blogger also ate a Dorito sandwich to pay homage.

If you could sprinkle one food item on your grave, what would it be?

(I think I would go with black olives.)

Over at Laughing Squid, someone recently created a pizza-flavored pizza. That’s right, they made a pizza out of pizza flavored foods.  It looked like this –

(Special thanks to Denise for the heads-up on the pizza-flavored pizza!)

If you were to make a food-flavored food, what would it be?  Buffalo wing-flavored buffalo wings?  Cheese-flavored cheese? Ranch-flavored ranch dressing?

And at Thatsnerdalicious, they recently made a dessert out of potato chips dipped in chocolate.  Hey, if it works for pretzels, why not chips?

What salty snack do you think needs some chocolate?  Doritos?


So, if you enjoy looking at pictures of strange and interesting food, you have some options at the library.  (Click on the covers to link to the catalog records.)

Happy junk fooding!

Holly, CLP-Main

One Response

  1. Three cheers for the pizza-flavored pizza!

    (And thanks for the nod, Holly!)

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