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Our Library, Our Future

To spread awareness of the Our Library, Our Future voter initiative, CLP – Hazelwood had an essay contest! Students in grades four through eight from Pittsburgh Mifflin PreK-8 wrote essays about the importance of voting and why we vote. We are pleased to announce the two winners:

Congratulations to Melina and Pearl!

Click here for more information on voting in Pennsylvania! If you are already registered you can find your polling place here. If you are not yet old enough to vote you can still make a difference by reminding friends and family members to vote on November 8th!

First Place: Melina (6th grade, age 11)


What is voting? That is a question you might be asking yourself right now. Voting is when people in America come to a place near them called a “voting poll”, and choose who they want to be in charge of something. For example, there is a vote held in all of America to pick the president, but there is a smaller vote held in a city to pick the mayor.

It is important to vote because it gets your feelings or opinions out in the open public. For instance, if my classroom is holding a vote for class president and 50% of the kids don’t vote, if they did vote it could change the election.

People want to vote because they want to share their opinion and make a difference. One vote does make a difference because if there was a vote on the class pet, and the results of the vote was: Hamster – 11, Turtle – 10, and Fish – 9, and if there were 4 people who didn’t vote, if they had all voted for the fish, the class pet would’ve been a fish. But the pet picked was a hamster because they decided not to vote.

In conclusion, this is what voting is, why it is important, and why we as a people vote. I hope you learned something about voting from reading my essay!

Honorable Mention: Pearl (6th grade, age 11)

How Voting Can Affect Our Community

Voting can affect our community in many ways. Here are two ways: adding or taking away of something important, like a library or playground.

An elected official might give money to improve or buy new things for a library or playground. Thing might only happen if you vote for the right candidate.

If you vote for a candidate and they take something important out like a library or playground, then the community won’t be as nice a place to live in.

You can conclude that voting is important because it states your opinion. Opinions can be different for different people.

(Michael – CLP Hazelwood)

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