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Survey Results: A Peek into the Mind of Pittsburgh Library Teens

We recently surveyed 100 teens at the Main Library in Oakland.   They had fun and honest things to say about the library and how we could make it better for all teens.  Here are some results.  Please leave us some comments regarding what YOU think of the library!

We asked what the library should buy if we had unlimited funding.  Lots of people suggested a slide and ball pit, so that gets an honorable mention.  But, the top answers were:

  • more books (!)
  • more space for teens
  • more bean bags (at Main we have foofs, rather than lovesacs)
  • free food

We asked what teens enjoyed most about the library.  The majority of teen enjoyed the following:

  • computers
  • video game programs
  • library books
  • bean bags/foofs

We asked: what kind of programs do you want from us? The top answers were:

  • art programs
  • workshops (especially for poetry and writing)
  • music related programs, such as discussion groups and instrument lessons
  • technology – such as computer software and robotics

Regarding eReaders and Pittsburgh teens…

21% owned or had access to an eReader.

9% owned or had access to an eReader and were aware that the library offers free access to eResources such as eAudio and eBooks.

30% of the total respondents were aware that the library offers free access to eResources.

Other random statistics

75% of teens said they used the library for its books!  Who says teens don’t read?

The average age of respondents was 15.16 years old.

One teen suggested a taco night at the library.  Whoever you are, I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

73% of teens said they visit the library a few times a month or more.

Overall, we learned that teens like a comfy space of their own in the library, with plenty of books and options for programming.  We’ll do our best to keep it coming!!



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