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Facebook News and Birthdays

So, today’s blog post is a two-parter. One has nothing to do with the other– but I was equally interested in both, so I thought I’d share both.

Part 1:
Facebook is all about sharing information. For the most part, we share it about ourselves. What we’re doing– where we’re going– who we’re with, etc. Most of the time, we end up oversharing. I know that no one cares if I’m watching American Horror Story or cooking a pot roast for dinner– yet I still find myself throwing up pointless status updates.  Nevertheless, Facebook has become a channel for people to also share stuff that really interests or touches them.

Whether it is informational, funny, poignant, etc., the Facebook news feed has become one of my go-to sources of information. Where did I first find out Michael Jackson had died? Facebook. That the shaking I just felt was an earthquake? Facebook.  Most recently, I first heard about the Penn State scandal from where? Oh, that’s right, Facebook.

Facebook has recognized how influential it has become in sharing information by releasing its list of top 40 “stories” that were shared on Facebook in 2011. The most popular news stories include posts that we would expect to see, such as satellite images from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, outrage over the Facebook redesign, and Steve Jobs’ death. But, the list also contains some obscure stories that I’ve never seen before, like one involving a giant crocodile and the most typical face on the planet.

Here is the full list, and I’ve added some of the videos from the list to this post just because I think they’re awesome.


Did you happen to post any of these stories on your Facebook page this year?

Part 2
Today is my birthday! In honor of that, I wanted to share this neat page I just found called Birthday Calculator. You put in the day, month, and year of your birth and it brings up all kinds of cool information that I bet you didn’t know before– such as, did you know that I share my birthday with Britney Spears (I actually knew that…), Lucy Liu, and Gianni Versace? Also, that my age is the equivalent of a dog that is 3.71624266144814 years old– and my lucky day is Thursday! Check out Birthday Calendar and see what you find.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Julie, CLP Beechview

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  1. I’m 333 months old. Neat!

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